A Chatbot for the Swiss Public Transport

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Be informed:
Check for delays at any station in Switzerland

Just enter a station name (e.g. Z├╝rich HB) and the bot will inform you about any delays. You can also send your location and the bot will look for nearby stations in walking distance (Telegram).

Get notified:
You'll be automatically informed about updates

The clou: once you told the bot about your station of interest, it will continue monitoring for delays for the next hour. If anything changes, you automatically get a notification.

Special thanks:
Open Data

This bot is powered by "Open Data Platform Swiss Public Transport". Realtime data is available for a selected set of transport agencies. As a fallback, we still use the community-driven Transport API by We can integrate other sources, contact us if interested.

In beta:
We are just starting...

Currently, our bot has a limited set of capabilities and there are still occasional glitches. Let us know what you think and how you would like the bot to be improved..

Right here. Right now.
TrainDelay Webchat

You can also try the TrainDelayBot in your browser - right here, right now. Notifications included.

Otherwise, converse with the bot on one of our supported chat platforms: